Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's be clear. ~Sevan

HIV is a managable *chronic illness*. It is NOT (for most people, hopefully me included) a *terminal illness* any longer. used to be. And we grieve those people who lost their lives in horrible ways thanks to this disease. However...thanks to the many wonderful strides we've made in health care and medicine; and our understanding of the disease; it is no longer considered terminal by most medical practitioners who deal with this disease.

It is chronic, and managable.

Does it suck? Yes. All chronic illnesses suck. This is no different.

Do I think about it every second of every day? No.

Do I even think about it most days? No.

Do I think about it when I must consider other secondary infections/disorders that I have? Yes.

Do I have to consider my HIV meds when thinking about adding new medicines into my regiment? Yes.

Is it going to kill me? I really don't believe it will.

Did you know that a cure is being worked on and is functioning very very well in mice? Read more here

I can't be all down trodden about this diease. I can be an advocate. I can educate people about how different it is now from the disease it was in 1985. It's not the same.

Then again, lepersy isn't the same...but people still assume it is. (Did you know lepersy is curable? if you actually get it, there are simple cures for it!)