Friday, September 3, 2010

Poly people~ Cynthia Lee

My wife and I are polyamourous. Problem is we are living in a monogamous relationship. We would be 1000% willing and ready to accept another lover but alas it is not to be it would seem. (there are some serious complications involved)
Last night I received wonderful news that is somewhat of a bitter pill.
One of the couples my wife and I hold very close and dear have entered into a poly relationship. The wonderful part is that they are in a poly relationship the bitter part is that the woman in this relationship has spent years denigrating and casting doubt on the validity and stability of polyamoury. Suddenly she has what I have always wanted and what she has always talked poorly of. In a way I feel like I am owed an apology for all the times poly was down talked and dismissed, I highly doubt I will get it. For all her wonderfulness I have never seen this woman say sorry or admit she was wrong for any reason.

So I am sad and bummed out. I see friends having poly relationships and I want that also but it will never happen.

I am so bitter I could just die.


Sevan said...

Sour pill indeed. I wish them all the best and am SO glad that she now understands what we've been talking about all these years...but yes, I really really wish that could be us who found love.

Alea said...

It's interesting the different issues poly people face as opposed to our monogamous counterparts.

Usually a personality doesn't change too drastically. Her previous negativity on the subject may have decided her fate in this new love. But, I wish everyone the best.

Cynthia, more love will find you.